Part I: Sir Francis Drake Hotel Conierge

Hailey Ashcraft, a concierge at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, gives various, detailed accounts from different hotel guests throughout the years. Ashcraft goes in depth about the rich, erie history behind the hotel.

Part II: Residents of the Atherton Mansion

Residents of the Atherton Mansion, Marisa Bazan and Parker Richard, sit in what was once a maid's quarter to discuss their lives while living inside an actual haunted mansion. The two answer questions on personal experience and give detailed stories on the history of the mansion.

Part III: Ghost Hunter Tommy Netzband

Tommy Netzband, Haunted Haight Tour Guide and member of The San Francisco Ghost Society, explains his fascination with the world beyond through stories of personal experience. Netzband, along with Mary Vice, a tour guide from Wild SF Walking Tours, discuss how scoring a home in San Francisco outweighs living with the unwanted.

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